Festival International du Film d'Aubagne - March 18th to 23th 2019



A meeting of 4 european schools
From the research to the creation and the training...

Thursday, March 21st 9pm| Movie-concert
Friday, March 22nd 2pm| EEAMS meeting
Friday, March 22nd 5pm| Screening

This year again, the Festival International du Film d’Aubagne invits three new film schools, young european creation pool, and the SATIS Department of Aix-Marseille University, the school-in-residence, to exchange their own artistic and cultural perceptions.

Each of those schools will make us discover some of its own creations. After the screening, they will all share their artistic and cultural perspectives on one common theme : the relation between music, sound and image.
After a ten day residence taking place during the Festival, a workshop will gather those young composers and directors coming from the European film schools as well as some students from the SATIS Department of Aix-Marseille University, to present an audiovisual performance through a cine-concert.

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  • Thursday, 21 March 2019

Balkóny (Balconies)

  • Réalisation / Direction: Johana Mlíchová
  • Slovaquie

Evolúcia (Seed) / Evolution (Seed)

  • Réalisation / Direction: Samuel Eisner
  • Slovaquie


  • Réalisation / Direction: Stefanie Brockhaus
  • Allemagne

Leto v konzerve (Summer in a Can)

  • Réalisation / Direction: Monika Mahútová
  • Slovaquie

Petit Sucre

  • Réalisation / Direction: Olivier Maurin
  • France
  • Friday, 22 March 2019