Festival International du Film d'Aubagne - March 18th to 23th 2019



©Christophe Douchand


In 2018, he left his chair of the series Cain for which he played the role of Captain Fred Cain for six seasons, shot with Julie Ferrier the monstrous notables of The Case of Vermirals in the historical film of Philippe Niang, embodies the main character in the  adaptation of Karine Giebel's novel Until death joins us, as well as played in Bailliu's new series Soupques while continuing to play Bremond in the 7th season of Engrenage.

In the theater, Bruno Debrandt plays for very different registers on the national scenes or conventions such as the Parisian stage; he plays among other roles in Dans la solitude des Champs de coton by B.M.Koltès with Jean-Pierre Brière or Un tramway nommé désir with Elsa Royer, L'Avare with Michel Bouquet... For thetelevision, since 2007, hwe can mainly see him in Le repenti, Marion Mazanno, 1788 et Demi, Louis Xl, Je suis coupable, Cliffhanger, Mortel été, La vie en Miettes... but it is with the short film, Pensées Assises by Mathieu Robin he gets 11 official selections and 16 awards.

This month of March 2019, he is in official competition at the Festival Series Mania with Suspicions by Lionel Bailliu.