Festival International du Film d'Aubagne - March 18th to 23th 2019

Bandes-Originales : Edition spéciale 10 ans

France, Documentaire, 90, Numérique HD, 2015


IN THE TRACKS OF is a series of 10 documentaries about film music composers : Alexandre Desplat, Maurice Jarre, Georges Delerue, Francis Lai, Lalo Schifrin, Gabriel Yared, Bruno Coulais, Mark Isham, Jean-Michel Bernard... This new documentary gather these portraits.  As privileged confidants of the greatest filmmakers of the last forty yeats, we study this profession, which through the evolution of film industry has become an essential link in the film creation process. With the participation of: Jean-Jacques Annaud, Jacques Audiard, Caroll Ballard, Bertrand Blier, George Clooney, Alain Corneau, Frank Darabont, Jodie Foster, Adrian Lyne, Moby, Roman Polanski, Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Jean Rochefort, Volker Schlondorff, Peter Weir etc…
  • Réalisation / Direction: Pascale Cuenot
  • Scénario / Screenplay: Pascale Cuenot
  • Production: Prelight films
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  • 9 rue Creuzet 69007 Lyon France

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